To be full artist you have to be part scientist

I was having a bad day then I saw your tags for the Jean and Bahorel zombie au. "Fight me".
✖ Anonymous

i will fite anyone who says jehan doesn’t like massive hippie orgies w loads of weed

bloop bloop today was just a draw zombie au day

Combeferre’s a paramedic who just so happens to be a guns n amo expert too

He’s originally teamed up with Courf and Marius before they run into Enjolras and Cosette but I wanted to draw him side by side Enjolras for selfish otp reasons oops 

enjolras & cosette || courfeyrac & marius || jehan & bahorel (<-nsfw)

Zombie AU PT 3: Jehan & Bahorel

They’re newlyweds on the morning of their wedding night when the zombie apocalypse hits and Jehan spends the entire thing thinking it’s all an incredibly well thought out honeymoon adventure from Bahorel. 

Enjolras & Cosette || Marius & Courfeyrac


i love your last zarry drawing! never known you're into 1D after i followed you for like.. a year? (or i missed your stuff idk :) ) just want to drop msg to say hello! have a nice day x

Aw thanks! And yEAH I love 1D gonna go see them in october with a couple of my friends from ringling ;U; Just haven’t really done any art (unless u count me using zayn as a basis for my feuilly design but i digress)

Have a nice day as well!!

Maybe it’s the way she walked

Straight into my heart and stole it

I’ve been reading The Montmaray Journals per sassy’s urging and omfg they’re fantastic

We were talking about Toby and Enjolras meeting last night because they’re both rich charming curly-blonde beautiful socialists

It’s ultrawhales' bday today!! Go say hap birth!!!

I know this is a commission but I made it extra nice 4 u !!!!!!! Happy birthday!!!!!

if you haven’t noticed i live for posting rly obscure and confusing les mis art and watching all y’all try and figure it out

a scrapped askcoldasiceboldasfire answer panel presented w/o context

hey macklejean i hope u like this because god is dead now and i killed him

Will you be attending anime expo?
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No! I wish!!! Sorry! :’(

Guys! I was able to raise $300 for my Sketches for Subsidy project! That’s a WHOLE ONE HUNDRED DOLLARS MORE THAN MY GOAL!!! Thank you to all that participated and I hope to do this again soon!

If you’re waiting to receive your commission, please be patient! I will finish everything as soon as possible!