fav pairing

also l a te as h E CK….


enjolras and i have the same work out clothes how embarrassing

he probably uses zombies run too


God bless you and your perfect otp
✖ Anonymous

thank you….

Still life master copies (Vanessa Bell and Vincent Van Gogh) done in marker

Pen and ink test for ill media


browsing through my homo and vir tag and it’s mostly oilan, oilan, oilan, oilan, invisibleinnocence, oilan, invisi, invisi, oilan…

this has to be remedied


do i need an explaination

wow shocker who my fav is

for @lesmis69minprompts 

doing this in the time frame was rly hard i came up short like 15 min when i was all said and done anyway it was just getting more graphic as i went on i draw too fast for my own good goodnight

five more minutes….

Psst, do you know if there's going to be another ferrejolras week this year?


Last week of October 26th - November 1st!!

tell me more about the shitty erotic monsters au plz
✖ Anonymous

tobiasfitzosborness is the one to ask abt that

[slowly breakdances alone 2 Cuban Combeferre]

Can you draw a combeferre headshot, but the way you used to draw him? Like in the comic where he's a doctor and Enjolras is brought in all bloody and he's saying "you're fucking grounded" please?:)
✖ Anonymous

but my skinny white combeferre isso boring :///////

Playing around w copics today

My new babies Byron and Shelley!!