can everyone hurry up and read montmaray so we can talk about toby and henry being jaeger copilots please pLEA SE

is that last enjolferre an avatar/korra au
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this is why reading artist comments is So Important

nnnnnn needed my ferrejolras fix in the form of fantasy rpg au

TMI Marius

This is for attendrelaube for putting up with my Enjolras’ shenanigans 

okay dude you have the raddest theme this side of the universe.
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I want to revolution. Teach me how to revolution.
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sassy and i were discussing how harry styles is a good courfeyrac fc but there’s only one person who would be caught dead in that disastrously experimental, expensive, tity-out, head-scarves galore fashion.

requested sketches from the livestream <3


just taking a doodlin breather rn i’d like some company and will take some requests!

question do you think Ferre and Enj ever get married
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Permission to have an HC where Jean slowly becomes less clothed the higher he gets? More weed less clothes.
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don’t let them take it 2 far

enjolras also dies in this au whoops ok goodnight

pt 1

revolutionariess and i were discussing hp aus where enjolras is a triwizard tournament competitor and he takes little sister cosette as his date 2 the yule ball

when was the moment you were like yessss enj and ferre?
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i read